E interior design

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e interior design is a real creativity for creative people. There are a lot of directions of interior design and options as it is possible to decorate this or that room.

e interior design.

There are three main directions of interior design: historical, ethnic and modern style. Today distinguish the following modern styles:
High-tech is a high-tech style that includes a lot of metal, plastic and glass.
The Techno style is close to the Hi-tech style and is suitable for people using modern technology.
Country – style, originated in America, which uses materials: wood, rough stone, ceramics and complex colors of the natural scale.
The next style is Minimalism . The main principle of style is nothing superfluous. Simple color solutions, simple geometric shapes and only expensive and high-quality materials.
In the interiors of the Fuzhin style, built-in niches and backlights are widely used. Furniture is characterized by mobility and functionality.
Old factories, lofts and other non-residential premises describe what the Loft style is.
In Eco-style , nature itself is an eternal source of inspiration.
In the photo above you can see the e interior design.

e interior design solutions and ideas.

Lets talk about some tricks of e interior design that will transform any room:
Furniture is the basis of the interior. Pay special attention to the choice of furniture.
Curtains – make out the windows correctly. The main rule: the design of the window must necessarily find a response in other objects of the interior.
Mirrors are a magical thing. Mirrors change space. They can increase it, add lighting to the room or create an optical illusion.
Multi-level lighting – several levels of lighting will transform for the better any interior and, conversely, a lonely chandelier under the ceiling is able to tangibly spoil it.